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Jefferson Online INformation Network (JOIN-N)

A Community Information Network (CIN)

What is JOIN-N? | What does JOIN-N do? | How does JOIN-N do it? | What can I do right now?

What is JOIN-N?

The Jefferson Online INformation Network is a volunteer community information network (CIN) to be used by the citizens of Jefferson County to:

  • share local community information generated within the county
  • access other communities throughout the world
  • enhance communication within Jefferson County. 
Whether at home or a public access site, local citizens will be able to find the information that is important to them and to expand their horizons out to the Internet.

JOIN-N is not just a web site. JOIN-N is:

  • about helping our citizens find local information
  • helping everyone, whether in or outside Jefferson County, find out what our communities have to offer.
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What does JOIN-N do?

JOIN-N's vision is to:

  • provide a gateway to all information resources within Jefferson County 
  • provide a place for information exchange and communication
  • provide support, training, and technical assistance for information providers and individual citizens
  • develop partnerships to provide public access to online information resources 
  • foster access to online educational and cultural opportunities for individuals. 
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How does JOIN-N do it?

JOIN-N is a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers and governed by a board of directors.

Committees handle the day-to-day activities of JOIN-N. 

Public access sites are in place at the public libraries and a few other select locations throughout the county. 

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What you can do on JOIN-N:

  • Post and search for local events on the Community Calendar
  • Link to county government information
  • Find area obituaries by month of death or alphabetically by name
  • Access county information for relocation
  • Go to your local legislator's web site
  • Consult the Entertainment section
  • Visit Jefferson County cities that have web sites
  • Visit school web sites
  • Use public access sites to get to the Internet if you don't have a computer at home
  • Give the disadvantaged and disabled access to information and new experiences that would otherwise not be available
And the list goes on...

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